Help for Sexual Difficulties Caused by Anti-Depressants

Khamba, M. Aucoin, M. Lytle, and others.  2013.  “Efficacy of acupuncture treatment of sexual dysfunction secondary to antidepressants. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 19(11): 862-9.


Men and women reporting adverse sexual side effects of antidepressant medication participated in this 12-week acupuncture intervention study at a clinic in Toronto.  Treatment points included KD3, DU4, UB23, HT7, and PC6.  Treatment effects were assessed using a questionnaire with patients’ weekly self report of various aspects of sexual function and of symptoms of depression and anxiety.  Overall, the data analysis indicated that male participants experienced statistically significant improvement “in all areas of sexual functioning, as well as in both anxiety and depressive symptoms,” while female participants experienced “significant improvement in libido and lubrication.”

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