Tui Na Chinese Massage, Gua Sha, Cupping, Maxibustion

P1020679Tui Na means “Push Pull” in Chinese and is a form of Oriental body work. I use tui na as an adjunct modality to help during an acupuncture treatment.

If you come in with a sore shoulder or low back pain, I will often do a five to ten minutes tui na massage to “open the back” before applying acupuncture. One hour tui na massages are also available.

The basic difference between tui na and other massage techniques is that in a tui na session the practitioner is working with the Qi (pronouced Chi – meaning the life source flowing through your body) and Blood of the body. This means that the emphasis is on promoting circulation of the whole body. In tui na we are working with the whole system as one. A tui na massage is a beautiful, restorative experience.

Gua sha, Cupping, Moxibustion are accessory techniques that warm and increase circulation to an affected area and boost healing and immunity.

Reiki is a loving, gentle relaxation treatment. In a simple hands-on technique, Reiki brings soothing comfort and healing.