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Acupuncture for Allergies, even Hay Fever

Seasonal allergies can cause almost 25% of us to suffer from sniffles, sneezes, and a runny nose.  Acupuncture for allergies is very effective.  I have treated hundreds of people over the years for allergies, and acupuncture has improved their quality of life, and allowed them to go back to the outdoor activities they love. This […]

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Acupressure for Chronic Depression

Here’s an interesting article about Acupressure for Chronic Depression.  Acupressure is very similar to acupuncture, of course, but we use our hands instead of needles.  I am trained in the Jin Shin Do method of acupressure.  Some patients might prefer acupuressure to acupuncture, especially in the beginning of their treatment plan.  This article talks about the […]

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