Chinese Herbal Medicine & Naturopathy

P1020695Herbal Medicine is my first passion, with acupuncture being a huge addition from my Oriental Medicine studies. Herbal medicine is based on the incredible ability of the plants, minerals, and sometimes even animal substances to make us feel better, and to even treat some of our diseases.

In Chinese Herbal Medicine, we carefully prescribe herbal formulas to nourish, correct, or boost up the specific problems that you may be having. Herbal medicine is like food because it nourishes your body, but it’s the exact right food that your body has been craving to alleviate some problem or to make you feel truly and completely healthy.

Some of our formulas may help reduce excess conditions in the body, such as overweight or high blood pressure, cholesterol, or high blood sugar. Many of our formulas are designed to help to increase something that is lacking in the body: they may be able to increase strength in the body to eliminate dizziness, or to give more energy to someone with fatigue. They have even been able to help many people with their state of mind, including anxiety and depression, PMS, and other emotions.

All of the herbs that we use are carefully tested at their point of origin, using GMP, Good Manufacturing Practices, to make sure everything is pure and fresh.