* Results may vary from person to person.


“I tore my rotator cuff rollerblading. After weeks of not being able to sleep my wife pushed me to get an MRI. Immediately after, I was at the orthopedic surgeons office and without even looking at the MRI he said… “You need surgery… Let’s schedule it for two weeks from now”.

Being a musician and a golfer, I could not imagine loosing 4-6 months of my summer not to mention the thought that it could take 6-12 months to rehab with no certainty of getting any better. I was resolved to going under the knife until a friend said that he had tremendous success with acupuncture and highly recommended Mavis. I discussed the option with my wife, postponed the surgery and made an appointment.

Having never had acupuncture before I had no idea what to expect. Mavis was professional, comforting and very knowledgeable. She said “No guarantees, but I’ve had success with shoulders in the past”.

After a few months of treatment, I am relatively pain free… golfing and playing guitar just like before the accident. I am impressed, amazed, and thankful that my friends and my gut feelings made me take a chance on alternative, homeopathic medicine. It is a part of my care from now on… Thanks to Mavis!”

B.B., Aurora

“I suffered from severe joint pain and fatigue caused by an auto-immune disease. After repeated visits, I was 99% pain free and had much more energy.”

E.B., Aurora

“I had been in constant pain for twelve years. I feel you have given me my life back. I am pain free.”

G.V., Aurora


“We tried In Vitro Fertilization three times but we didn’t have any success until I went to see Mavis. Acupuncture was truly a blessing for us, and Mavis was wonderful and patient and always understanding of our struggle to have a child.”

M.T., Aurora

Menopausal Symptoms

“I am truly grateful for the help that Mavis has given me. My hot flashes have completely stopped, I’m sleeping better, and I didn’t have to take any hormones to do it.”

C.A., Naperville

Weight Loss

“I find that the calmness and willpower from the acupuncture is helping me fight the need to eat. It has been great to be able to breathe in my jeans again. I’m feeling better, and my scale and my clothes both agree that I’m getting thinner.”

K.R., Aurora