Accidental Injury: Acupuncture Can Help

accidental injury

I just looked up a list of the “Top Ten Health Problems in America”.  I certainly wasn’t expecting “Accidental Injury” to be Number Five on the list from Mayo Clinic.  But I should have.  Many of my patients come to me for help with accidental injuries.

Sometimes the injury is from a fall.  This can happen especially in the winter when our treacherous sidewalks and driveways become more like ice-skating rinks than walkable surfaces.

Other injuries come from work-related accidents.  Oftentimes, my patients are lifting heavy objects and hurt their back or other areas of their body.  These “work-related” injuries are not just limited to blue-collar workers, truck drivers, or construction workers.  I have nurses and other medical aids who have done serious damage to their backs while turning patients.  Homeowners, those weekend warriors who love to get out and do a month’s worth of gardening or landscaping in one day, come to me with aching low-back injuries, shoulder and neck pain.

Another sources of accidental injury is sports.  These are the very activities that we know will build our health:  they are good for our heart, maintaining healthy weight, and make us feel happy by supporting our nervous system with those happy endorphins.  But sports injuries can cause lots of pain, as well as take us off the field, out of the gym, or off the golf course.

I have even treated a young man who was hit by a car.  His leg had a partial fracture, and he was in a boot for about six weeks.  He came to me on a regular basis during that time, and after every treatment his leg improved dramatically.

But here’s the good news:  acupuncture can help all of the these injuries to get better faster.  Every day I treat patients who come in with sad faces, regretting some moment that can’t be undone.  That one lift.  That heavy package.  That fall on the ice.  But acupuncture can, fortunately, speed up the healing process.  It even can lift your spirits, because acupuncture also helps your body to produce those pain-blocking endorphins.

Please call me if you are one of the forty-seven per cent of Americans who suffer from chronic pain.  I can help!

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